High-Def Solution Design & Graphics

Depict complex Information in a hurry.


High-Def Solution Design & Graphics

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Match your design elements to the maturity of your solution/strategy.

Our designs are built to make Federal government proposal evaluators, potential teaming partners, and your presentation audience relax and feel safe to dive into your content.

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In an ocean of text, graphics can be a liferaft

In the Federal space, majority of the decision makers have limited time and may even skim through parts of your proposals, presentations, and pitches.

It's no secret that Federal government proposal evaluators brace themselves for dry text-heavy documents.

That's why we help our clients visually depict their story, solutions, approaches, and value-add propositions. Our goal is to help your audience read and absorb your information quickly - thus improving your win rate.

Quickly convey key concepts and leave a lasting impression

We build high-def solution graphics that highlight:

·     Win Themes & Value-added Features

·     System or Process Flows

·     Management Structures

·     Disruptive Technology

·     Statistics & Metrics

·     & More

Additional Samples

AI & Disruptive Technology (click image to see full sample)
Solution Architecture Lifecycle Methodology (click image to see full sample)

Complex RPA & AI Data Automation & Consolidation Design (click image to see full sample)